Web development

I’m currently trying to get some experience with web development, a skill which I’ve been practising over the last few years, and something I really love to do. I’ve built various websites for family, acquaintances, and even the occasional local business!

If you’re looking for a motivated and eager someone to take on your web design project, be it static pages, a blog, or something different, do not hesitate to contact me!

A couple of sites

These are a few websites made or designed by yours truly. Could this be considered a portfolio? I’m not entirely sure.



My CAS portfolio blog, an essential part of the IB (or so I’ve been told). Please comment!

Van der Knokke

This is my family’s website, which I recently redesigned completely.


keiryuji favicon

Keiryuji is a remote Soto Zen-Buddhist hermitage in the Pyrenees, near the village of Camprodon.


My father also has (or is going to have, since it’s still empty) a website and photo blog.

JVV Blog

Blog for my school, which I’ve had the honour to design. Do check it out!


A (possibly ambitious) culture project me and two friends were working on.


Petrel Oceanic Sailing is a sailing club near Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain).

No link yet

Who knows what’ll be linked here? Not me.