On blogs

Blogs are not really that great of an idea. In my case, at least. It’s been about seven months since the last post (probably because this blog has no actual purpose).

Anyhow, I’m suddenly back in the Netherlands studying at TU Delft, what an adventure! If I had any doubts before about my degree choice, they’ve completely disappeared – physics seems to be my “thing”.

This might be the last entry, who knows?

That’s all.

On being done

I finished my International Baccalaureate exams a couple of weeks ago. I don’t tend to use emoji outside of Telegram or WhatsApp messages, but I think this might be appropriate here (if that isn’t clear enough, or doesn’t load in your browser – I just mean to say I’m relieved):


However, there are some downsides to “being done”. Waking up and not having to stress about exams is a bit too comforting. I don’t even know what to do most of the time. Prepare for university? Read a book? Finally get to playing Pokémon Moon?

Write a useless article on my blog?

On chocolate

Up until recently I could enjoy being the proud owner of a roll of chocolate candy. These sweets were really amazing (dark chocolate with mint), so their disappearance devastated me. No, I didn’t eat them all. I had them in my backpack, now they’re not there.

And this doesn’t only happen to chocolate. I’ve sometimes dropped a coin or a pen, only for these to completely disappear, without a trace. I wonder if there’s some kind of magical creature that, over the years, has built a huge stash of pens and pencils and keys and coins… And chocolate with mint.

On getting hit-ish

Today, crossing the street while riding my bike, a previously stopped car suddenly jumped forward. Luckily, as it was stopped before the crossing, I only took a small hit and was perfectly okay… but the same couldn’t be said for the bike’s front wheel.

Luckily, the driver was quite worried and offered to pay any repairs. So, all-in-all, nothing really bad happened (except for having to haul a bike on only its back wheel through half the city). And I’ve got another item to check of my hypothetical bucket list:

✔️ Get hit by a car

That’s all.

On creativity, activity and service

The IB’s CAS is a really weird case (pun totally intended, though not that well executed). Today, I finally finished writing the reports of the Creativity, Activity and Service work I carried out throughout the year.

Firstly, I kinda ended up liking doing most of it, especially the latest project in the school library. Secondly, it’s quite sad that after all these hours of activities (not to mention the time spent making the portfolio) will all be reduced to a teacher checking a box on a form.

That’s all.

On bad coincidence

If luck is, well, unlucky, it’s called bad luck. If some coincidence is unlucky, is it called bad coincidence? That doesn’t sound quite right.

Anyways, recently I decided to install a custom ROM on my phone, as the official OS for this model doesn’t get updates that quickly. Of course, I went with the to-go custom ROM, the easiest and most widespread one – CyanogenMod.

Two weeks later, this happens. Well, that was unexpected.

That’s all.